Hi, Shalom, Moin – I’m Lior Oren, Israeli-German currently living in the most beautiful city in the world – Hamburg.
I’m all in for technology, people, dogs, history, rock, and traveling.

Engineering Executive

I’m a Software Engineering Executive with 15+ years of experience in the European, UK, American, and Israeli markets. Specializing in UX/UI, platforms, and AI solutions, my experience spans industry-leading companies like Meta (Facebook), Jimdo, and Wix, from start-ups to big-tech firms.

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In my early career, I learned the importance of having a mentor to discuss work-related matters. It was a valuable experience that has stayed with me to this day. Hence, I have offered free mentoring sessions through the Mentoring Club. I use the term “free” lightly because these sessions have enriched my personal growth and valuable connections. If you want to book a session, please visit my mentor page:


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Mottek ❤︎

Schwitsi:  2006 – 2018

1 thought on “Welcome

  1. Sehr geehrter Herr Oren,

    Wir planen am 29.04-1.05.2022 ein Seminar zum Thema „Schluss mit dem Opferkult! Das neue Selbstverständnis der jungen jüdischen Generation.“
    Dazu bin ich aktuell auf der Suche nach Referenten hätten Sie möglicherweise Interesse ?

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