I am Lior Oren, a Tech Executive, Coach, Hobby Historian, and Animal Lover.

With a career spanning over two decades in the technology sector, I have developed a diverse portfolio of experience. My journey has taken me through companies such as Meta (Facebook), Wix, and Jimdo, where I successfully steered strategy, and execution and tackled challenges in various market environments including Europe, the UK, the United States, and Israel.

In the past decade, I have led the creation and oversight of technology visions and strategies, guiding departments and entire companies toward innovation and success, as well as learning from impressive failures. My tech expertise encompasses UX/UI design, AI solutions, platform development, e-commerce, Fintech, marketing, integrity, and fraud detection.

A firm believer in the principles of Conway’s Law, I apply this concept to ensure that our organizational dynamics are reflected in our technical architectures, creating a harmonious and effective work environment.


Alongside my primary roles, I provide tech and executive advisory services, mainly to startups. Contact me for more details.


As a certified NLP coach, I provide coaching sessions for professionals looking to improve their work, life, and career. Contact me for more details.


I offer free mentorship sessions, believing that the development of others is a key component of industry advancement:


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Schwitsi:  2006 – 2018

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