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Hi, I’m Lior Oren, Israeli-German living in the most beautiful city in the world – Hamburg.
I am passionate about tech, dogs, history, rock and traveling.

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Tech lead

I have more than 20 years of experience in working in software development, in small and medium companies and startups.
Almost half of my career was in leading and managing operations and development, ranging from one to multiple teams.
I was grown in the tech-innovative Tel-Aviv startup ecosystem, I taught myself all the programming languages I know, I led teams in Israel and Germany – building great things with great people is my passion!

Public Historian

I’m a public historian. It means that I dedicate my free time to research and publish historical stories.
I mainly research the history of the Jews of Hamburg, the Zionist Youth Hachshara camps in Germany and the end of the second world war. I do this through the history of my family in Hamburg.

The way it all began was crazy – a chain of fascinating coincidences. You can read it all in my history blog, that also holds the story of my family and all my historical researches:

Co-writer and producer of the book:

“Marions Buch: »Ach schau an, und wer küsst mir?« Der kurze Lebensweg der Marion Baruch”

This is the amazing story of the sister of my grandmother, Marion Baruch from Hamburg, that created a book of paintings and funny texts, as a wedding present to my grandmother right before her immigration to Palestina in 1936. Marion was murdered in Minsk.

Produced the exhibition for the painting of the book

Oh, see, and who will kiss me? – The short life of Marion Baruch. 1936, Eimsbüttel-Hamburg; Marion Baruch, a Jewish 17-year-old girl, gives her older sister Helga a book of her own sketches and text as a wedding gift. Later that month, Helga will flee Nazi Germany and immigrated to Palestina, never to see her sister again.Marion was my great aunt, Helga my grandmother.Marion was a talented artist and designer who worked on film posters for the Jewish theater in Hamburg (Kammerspiele). During the Third Reich, she was murdered by the Nazis in Minsk a concentration camp, along with her father and brother. At the time, Helga and her husband Bernard Arna were building their life in Tel-Aviv. They went on to have six children, “one for each million” Helga used to say.

70 years later, in 2016, Marion’s book was found in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The sketches in the book depict the life of the Baruch family in a funny, sarcastic, and unique way, infused with Marion’s personality and worldview. The events will be open to the public and we invite all Eimsbüttel neighbors and guests to visit both the exhibition and the events, documenting their neighbor’s life. The events will feature the sketches along with Marion’s story and special words by the author Urs Faes.

I do talks about the crazy research and the family story

“Moin Lior, I’ve found your website looking for information on the family of Helga Arna. My name is C.S. I’m the daughter of R.S., who was friends with your grandmother since the 1960s. To me, Helga was like a third grandma…”

Recently, I turned this story of my family, and the research itself, into a 2-hour talk.

If you are interested in having me talk at an event, and hearing it all, let’s talk! See more details here.

I do walk tours in Hamburg

With the cooperation of Galery Morgenland through the story of my family and the history of the Jews of Hamburg before and during WW2 in the Grindelviertel area.

I also blog about tech, traveling and history:

See the complete list of my posts.

Co-orgenizer of React Hamburg meetup

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Co-orgenizer of the Typescript Hamburg meetup

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