Hi, Shalom, Moin – I’m Lior Oren, Israeli-German living in the most beautiful city in the world – Hamburg.
I’m all in for tech, people, dogs, history, rock and traveling.

Engineering Executive

I have over 20 years of experience in software development for small and medium companies and startups.
Almost half my career was spent leading and managing operations and development, ranging from one to multiple teams and departments. I’m experienced in supporting machine learning/AI and Frontend/UI/UX organizations.
Growing up in the tech-innovative Tel-Aviv startup ecosystem, I taught myself all the programming languages I know. I led teams in Israel, Germany, and London in companies like Wix, Jimdo Smaato, Jimdo, and Lokalportal. Currently, I work in Meta (Facebook) as a senior engineering manager.
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I wish I had known the importance of having someone to talk to about work earlier in my career. Having a mentor helped me a lot, and it still is.
This is why I’ve decided to provide free mentorship sessions with the Mentoring Club. it’s funny to call it free because the people I get to know and the learnings that I profit from these sessions are more valuable than anything. Check out my mentor page and book a session:


Co-orgenizer of React Hamburg meetup


Co-orgenizer of the Typescript Hamburg meetup


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Mottek ❤︎

Schwitsi 🖤  2006 – 2018 🖤 

One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Sehr geehrter Herr Oren,

    Wir planen am 29.04-1.05.2022 ein Seminar zum Thema „Schluss mit dem Opferkult! Das neue Selbstverständnis der jungen jüdischen Generation.“
    Dazu bin ich aktuell auf der Suche nach Referenten hätten Sie möglicherweise Interesse ?

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